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Rolling Mill Rolls
We manufacturer all type of Rolling Mill Rolls such as Forging Rolls, Alloy Indefinite Chill rolls consist of cast iron with fine interdendritic graphite evenly dispersed throughout the barrel of the roll. The size, shape and distribution of the graphite together with Carbide content is contrlled by the chilling effect and the alloy content. The addition of alloys such as manganese, nickel, chromium and molybdenum changes the matrix structure from pearlitiic, bainite, to martrnsitic. Presence of these alloys products rolls with restricted hardness drop along the cross sections.

Applications: It can be used in both rouhing and finishing stands for bar and sections, and for roghing, intermediate and finished stands of wire rod mill.

Melting: Good Quality melts, precine composition control, cleaner metal are the performance feature of the melting process.

Heat Treatment: Several Heat Treatment Cycles are controlled through a series of most modern tempeature controlling equipments.

Machining: The machine shops are equipped with precision machine tools with dimensional accuracy to cover a vide range of products. For this purpose computer Numeric Control & a Digital feed out system is used with the existing set up.

Exports: Being AVTAR'S ROLL FORGE INDUSTRIES, we have been able to find space in the international market and have been expoorting to KENYA, SRI LANKA, NEPAL, ZIMBABWE, UAE regularly.

Chemical Composition
C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo S P UTS
50-60 3.00 0.60 1.10 .80 1.40 0.20 0.06
3.30 0.90 1.40 1.10 1.80 0.35
60-70 3.00 0.60 1.00 .80 1.50 0.25 0.06
3.30 0.90 1.40 1.10 2.00 0.40
70-75 3.10 0.60 1.00 .80 2.00 0.35 0.06
3.50 0.90 1.20 1.10 2.50 0.50
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